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00-05 Mitsubishi Eclipse Rear Kit Part No. 75604

September 18th, 2010 · No Comments

Preparing the Vehicle
1. Raise the vehicle and support the body on jack stands.
2. Remove the rear wheels.
Strut Removal
1. Remove the sway bar by removing the four inner sway bar bolts and sway bar link on each side of the vehicle.
2. In the trunk compartment on one side of the vehicle, remove the plastic cover over the upper strut mounting bolts and upper strut mounting nut.
3. Remove the two upper strut mounting bolts and retain for later use.
4. Remove the outer lower strut mounting bolt and discard.
5. Remove the factory strut from the vehicle.
6. Remove the four bolts from the upper control arm and discard
7. Place the supplied bushing (E) between the upper control arm and the body of the vehicle. Attach using the supplied bolt (I) and flat washer (G).
Note: Attach the bushing, bolt, and flat washer, one bolt at a time. Tighten securely.
8. Remove the inner lower strut mounting bolt from the spindle and discard (Figure 8).
9. Repeat steps 2-8 for the other side of the vehicle.
Removing the Upper Strut Mounting Bracket
1. Using a spring compressor, compress the spring and remove the nut from the upper strut mount.
CAUTION: A spring compressor must be used to remove the upper strut mount safely.
2. Remove the upper strut mounting bracket and washer. Retain for later use.
Strut Assembly Installation
1. Attach the O.E.M. upper strut mount to the upper strut using the O.E.M. rubber bushing, large O.E.M. washer and supplied nylock nut (came on strut) (Figure 11). Tighten the nut.
2. Thread the jam nut (N) onto the rod end (M) and thread the rod end into the adapter. Do not fully tighten at this time.
3. Insert the upper strut mount into the upper strut tower. Attach using the two previously removed O.E.M. nuts. Loosely fasten (Figure 12).
4. Install the new lower strut mounting bracket (H) onto the spindle and loosely fasten using the supplied bolt (F) and flat washer (D) (Figure 9). Tighten securely. NOTE: The use of Loctite or a similar thread locking liquid is recommended on this bolt.


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