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01 Cadillac Deville, Vaccume leak?

December 27th, 2010 · No Comments

I have a 01 Cadillac Deville with a vaccume leak somewhere causing it to Idle funny only when its in open loop. Is there any common places these have vaccume leaks? How do I trace the leak when I can’t find it. Carb cleaner did not work.

- There is a boot thet connects the throttle body to the intake plenum.the boot loves to split.we use a carb cleaner to spray around the boot.the boot is only about 20.00 but you have to take the plenum off.i would recommend taking it to the dealer. they can hook it up to the scan tool and watch the o2 values while they are checking it to make sure they have the leak.
- Have you tried all around the intake ,and also around any vacuum lines it may have on it,i have only had to work on one of these cars for a leak like that ,but it turned out to be leaking around the intake manifold gasket,and the car had never been hot or anything,but it was a bad gasket that caused it,if all else fails this may be what you have to look to,i know on that one its hard to get to all of the intake ,but that may be the problem with it,a good way to find out is to see if it does it as bad when cold as hot,if so it may have just blown the intake gasket,before you do anything though,look at ever possible place it could leak,sometimes ,like you said a vacuum leak is real hard to find,i hope this will help you

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