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02-08 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab DU-HA Dark Gray P/N #30017

December 10th, 2010 · No Comments

Installation Instructions:
1. Flip the rear seat bottom up. If your truck came equipped with the optional metal trays, remove each tray by removing the two large bolts using a 18mm socket and the two small nuts using a 13mm socket. Once you have removed the metal trays, replace the braces, large bolts and smaller nuts.
2. Remove the plastic push pin from the carpet behind the cup-holders, in the middle of the cab.
3. Set the DU-HA in the floor of the truck (as shown).
4. Secure the DU-HA in the truck using the lag bolt provided. Thread the bolt through the pre-drilled hole in the front center of the DU-HA and screw into the hole the plastic push pin was removed from. There is a metal plate with a pre-drilled hole the lag bolt screws into.
5. If desired, install the organizer/gun racks by sliding them into the slots in the DU-HA (as shown). The divider with the larger slots needs to be installed on the passenger’s side. The butts of the guns need to sit on the passenger’s side so the guns will fit appropriately. For added support, slide the gun rack support in next to the passenger side foam gun rack, facing inward, as shown in the drawing below right.
Warning: Seat bottom must be latched down at all times while vehicle is moving. Make sure the DU-HA is secured in the vehicle according to installation instructions. Do not store explosives or hazardous materials in the DU-HA. Do not place loaded guns in the DU-HA.


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