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03-05 Dodge Ram 5.7L Hemi Air Intake System Installation Instructions

December 23rd, 2009 · No Comments

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable, and remove the factory “accordion” style intake hose by loosening the two factory clamps.
2. Loosen the two 10mm bolts securing the factory air box to the intake manifold.
3. Disconnect the air temperature sensor wire on the front of the factory air box & twist to remove the sensor from the factory air box (retain for later use with Airaid intake).
4. 2003 Models: Disconnect & remove the crankcase vent hose from the front of the factory air box.
5. 2004 Models: disconnect breather hose from factory air box lid.
6. Remove the factory air box and rubber seal from throttle body.
7. Unclip & remove the factory air box lid and factory air filter.
8. Position the Airaid Cool Air Dam in place of the original air box lid. Snap in place.
9. Mount the Airaid Premium filter inside the Cool Air Dam & secure with hose clamp provided.
10. 2002-2003 Models Only: Slip the black rubber cap over the nipple on the Cool Air Dam and secure using the #19 black speed clamp provided.
11. 2004 Models Only: Mount factory breather hose to nipple on the Cool Air Dam and secure using the #24 black snapper clamp provided.
12. Install the rubber grommet into the hole on the back side of the Airaid tube & insert the factory air temp sensor into grommet.
13. Install the black hump hose on the long end of the Airaid tube and secure using two of the #56 hose clamps provided. Leave loose for final assembly.
14. Slide the black coupler onto the throttle body and secure using a #56 hose clamp provided & install the 2nd #56 hose clamp on the other end of the coupler, leave loose for final assembly.
15. Slide the Airaid tube with hump hose into the Airaid Cool Air Dam first, and then slide the other end into the throttle body coupler. (Note: The Airaid tube should be flush against throttle body with a gap between the tube and Cool Air Dam assembly for engine movement.) After inspection, adjust the Airaid tube, coupler, and hump hose and tighten all hose clamps
16. Re-connect air temperature sensor wire.
17. 2003 Models Only: Use the plastic barbed fitting and ―” hose provided; connect factory vent hose to Airaid intake tube & secure the ―” hose with (2) #16 black speed clamps provided. Secure factory vent hose with (2) #22 black speed clamps provided.


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