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1100F Ford Pats/Securilock Remote Start Interface Data

September 12th, 2010 · No Comments

The 1100F interface module is used when installing remote start products in Ford vehicles equipped with a factory immobilizer. The 1100F allows for easy interfacing between the remote start and the factory immobilizer, while maintaining the integrity of the OEM system. The factory transponder-based anti-theft system uses a small electronic chip hidden in the key to send a code to the vehicle’s transceiver when the ignition is energized. The key must be placed in the ignition and turned to the RUN position. This energizes a coil surrounding the key, which in turn energizes the chip, which sends a code to the vehicle. If the vehicle does not detect the code being sent, the vehicle will start and then immediately shut off or will just crank, and the anti-theft light will flash. The 1100F provides a valid code to the vehicle whenever it is remote started, but does not affect the immobilizer system during normal vehicle operation; the immobilizer system remains fully functional.
Refer to the Transponder Cross Reference Chart and Vehicle Specific Transponder Connector Type to and install all wire according the wiring diagram below. Once all connections have been made, plug the module into the wiring harness and follow the programming steps below.
This procedure determines whether the module will operate using the conventional manner using the ground when running signal or a data type connection not used in this application.
CAUTION: For security purposes this step is programmable only once. Please ensure the proper mode is activated.
To change the installation mode, the module must be reset and reprogrammed.
1. Complete wire connections to vehicle and insert harnesses into module.
2. Press programming button once or twice to select the installation type.
The LED will flash green the same number of times to confirm selection.
1. 1 x green flash = Unused installation mode.
2. 2 x green flashes = Standard installation mode.
3. To register your selection, press and hold the programming button until the green LED turns on solid.
4. The installation mode is now selected and programmed.
Refer to the transponder cross reference chart to determine transponder type and programming procedure.


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