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1958-64 Chevrolet 500 Series Power Steering Conversion

January 22nd, 2011 · No Comments

The original power steering on the 1958 to 1964 Chevrolet passenger car was more or less a hydraulically assisted manual steering system. There is a valve on the end of the drag link that when the car is turned will send a signal to the slave cylinder to either push or pull the center link in the direction of the turn. This all works fine but as we all know, both the control valve and slave cylinder are known for leaking. Not until 1965 did Chevrolet start installing a true power steering box. This was a much cleaner system and was not as prone to leakage. With the use of a true power steering box, the alignment specifications could change so that more positive caster could be used, and the car would handle much better down the road. In this article we will be installing the new CPP 500 series power steering box; this will eliminate all leaking problems; in addition the 14:1 steering ratio it will make your Chevy handle better, steer quicker, and drive better than ever before!
The steering box on a 1958 to 64 Chevy bolts to the frame in front of the engine crossmember with three bolts. The same style steering box was used in all cars; with or without power steering.
The original steering box and coupler shaft will be replaced with the new CPP power steering box and U-joint assembly. To remove the box first remove the pitman arm from the pitman shaft on the steering box. The pitman arm is held to the pitman shaft with a right handed 1 5/16” nut and lock washer. Remove the nut and lock washer and using a pitman arm puller remove the pitman arm from the original steering box. Our project car has manual steering so all the manual steering components will be used. If the car had power steering, the pitman arm, drag link and idler arm would need to be changed to manual steering components.


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