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1986-1995 Taurus Sub-Frame Rear Plate Nut Replacement Safety Recall

September 11th, 2010 · No Comments

To: All Ford and LincolnMercury Dealers
Subject: Safety Recall 98S36 – Certain 1986 – 1995 Taurus and Sable and 1988 – 1994 Continental Vehicles – Sub-Frame Rear
Plate Nut Replacement
Certain 1986-1995 Taurus and Sable and 1988-1994 Continental vehicles that were originally sold or are currently registered in the following U.S. states and Canadian Provinces.
The body mounts on the rear corners of the sub-frame that support the engine and transmission may separate. This can occur if the lower retainer plate of the mount or the retaining plate nut becomes severely corroded from long term exposure to road salts and retention of moisture in the mounts. This corrosion can weaken the retainer plate of the mount or the retaining plate nut severely enough to allow the bolt head to pull through the washer or out of the nut. Should both rear mounts separate, the rear of the sub-frame will drop and steering may suddenly become difficult. This could result in an accident.
To correct this condition, dealers will replace the attaching bolts, plate nuts and the reinforcement plates on the bottom of the sub-frame rear body mounts, on all affected vehicles.
To monitor the effectiveness of regional programs, it is important that: any vehicle with the same concern or operated in the same conditions as the affected vehicles be identified and any affected vehicle listed in OASIS, presented for service to a dealer outside the geographic area covered by the Safety Program, be serviced under the terms of the program.


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