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1987 Ford Mustang GT Engine Overhaul Remove & Installation

May 20th, 2010 · No Comments

Below is the step of removing/installation the engine overhaul for 1987 Ford Mustang GT:
1. Mark hinges for reinstallation and remove hood. Drain crankcase and cooling system. Disconnect battery and alternator ground cables from engine. Remove air cleaner and intake duct assembly.
2. Disconnect upper and lower radiator hoses. Disconnect transmission oil cooler lines from radiator. Remove bolts attaching fan shroud to radiator. Remove radiator.
3. Remove fan, spacer, belt, pulley and shroud. Remove alternator bolts and position alternator aside. Disconnect oil pressure sending unit wire from sending unit.
4. Disconnect flexible fuel line at fuel tank line. On CFI equipped vehicles, relieve pressure in fuel lines before disconnecting. Plug fuel tank line. Disconnect accelerator cable from carburetor. Disconnect speed control cable (if equipped).
5. Disconnect throttle valve vacuum line from intake manifold (if equipped). Disconnect transmission filler tube bracket from engine block. On vehicles equipped with A/C, remove A/C compressor and set aside.
6. If power steering equipped, disconnect power steering pump bracket from cylinder head. Remove drive belt. Position pump aside. If power brake equipped, disconnect brake vacuum line from intake manifold.
7. Disconnect heater hoses from water pump and intake manifold. Disconnect coolant temperature sending unit wire from sending unit. Remove flywheel/converter housing-to-engine upper bolts.
8. Disconnect primary wiring connector from ignition coil (coil is located on right-hand strut tower on Continental). Remove wire harness and position aside. Disconnect ground strap from block.
9. Raise front of vehicle. Disconnect starter cable from starter. Remove starter. Disconnect muffler inlet pipes from exhaust manifolds. Disconnect engine support insulators.
10. Disconnect transmission cooler lines from retainer and remove converter housing inspection cover.
Disconnect converter from drive plate. Secure converter assembly in housing. Remove remaining converter housing-to-engine bolts.
11. Lower vehicle and support transmission. Attach engine hoist and carefully separate engine from transmission. Remove engine.
12. To install, reverse removal procedure.


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