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1990-2005 Mazda Miata Hardtop Installation Instructions

April 28th, 2010 · No Comments

You have just purchased the finest Hardtop available on the market today. Skilled craftsmen using the highest quality materials and modern technology have manufactured this product. For complete satisfaction of your purchase we highly recommend that you read the following simple instructions. Ascertain that your installer is qualified and insist that he reads and follows the instructions. By following these instructions you will have many years of enjoyment and the top will last as long as your car. For best results, we recommend that your Hardtop be installed and finished by a professional body shop.

A point to remember, automobiles are mass-produced and built with certain tolerance. Sometimes these tolerances are quite large. No two are alike. A body man is a skilled tradesman; a skill that is not learned overnight. A “well fitting” automobile is a series of adjustments and compromises.
DO NOT PAINT until after initial installation and not until you are completely satisfied with the fit. After this initial installation procedure to take on/off will be as easy as placing the convertible top up/down position.

Prior to placing the top on the car:
1. Fold convertible top into the normal top down position.
2. Clean top of windshield frame and rear deck area.
3. Inspect windshield rubber for excessive wear, dryness, or damage. This will cause water leakage if not in good condition. (Older models should always be replaced)
4. Lubricate the bottom of the deck rubber of the hardtop with a silicone lubricant or Vaseline. (Keep lubricant from surface to be painted)
5. Lubricate the side window rubber of the hardtop
6 Familiarize yourself with the working of the front and rear fastener assemblies. The two front fasteners hook to the windshield at the same place as the convertible latches. Note the locator nuts at the front that align the Hardtop to the windshield sockets. These are pre adjusted at the factory and normally don’t need attention. The two rear fasteners hook to the supplied adapter plates, which in turn are bolted to the car near the convertible pivot point.


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