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1991 Jaguar XJ-S Parking Brake Disc Pads Installation

May 20th, 2010 · No Comments

This manual contain the installation of parking brake disc pads for jaguar xj-s 1991 vehicles.
Removal & Installation (XJS)
Remove parking brake caliper. See PARKING BRAKE CALIPER R & I under REMOVAL & INSTALLATION. Remove pad-to-carrier mount nut. Note pad position and remove disc pads. See Fig. 4 . To install, reverse removal procedure. Repeatedly operate handbrake actuating lever until adjuster ratchet stops clicking. PARKING BRAKE CALIPER
Removal (XJS)
1. Raise and support vehicle. Fully release parking brake lever. Loosen parking brake cable adjusting lock nuts and back-off cable adjustment. Remove rear suspension mounting plate attaching nuts and bolts. Plate has 14 bolts and is located directly below differential carrier. 2. Remove rear suspension mounting plate from vehicle. Using a pry bar, move caliper arm toward center of vehicle. Disconnect parking brake cable from arm and slide back rubber sleeve. 3. Remove return springs from caliper arms and position parking brake cable clear of calipers. Open caliper retaining bolt lock tabs. Remove parking brake caliper mounting bolts, lock tab and retraction plate. 4. Slide caliper around rotor and remove through hole left by suspension plate. To remove brake pads, remove nut and spring washer securing pads to the pad carriers. Replace pads if lining thickness is .125″ (3.17 mm) or less.
1. To install, reverse removal procedure. Adjust caliper if new pads have been installed or if caliper has been overhauled. 2. Adjust by holding one pad carrier stationary and turning remaining carrier out 2-3 times or until there is a clearance of .75″ (19.1 mm) between disc pad surfaces. 3. Install caliper. Ensure caliper retaining bolts are installed correctly. Operate caliper actuating lever until adjuster ratchet stops clicking. Install remaining components and check brake operation.


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