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1993-2000 Dodge Neon SOHC Tru-Time Cam Gears

December 5th, 2010 · No Comments

You have just purchased the BEST adjustable cam sprockets available for Dodge Neon. These AEM adjustable cam sprockets are CNC machined from billet aluminum and then laser etched with cam timing marks for adjustment up to ±10° at the cam or ±20° at the crankshaft. Using the vernier scale on the sprocket hub helps to perform cam timing changes quickly and accurately. The inner hub is anodized for lasting beauty and resistance to corrosion. The out gear sector is hard anodized for resistance to wear.
We have found that there are significant power gains to be made by adjusting the cam timing even with stock cams and compression. Adjustable cam sprockets are usually required in applications where an aftermarket or reground performance cams are installed or the cylinder head has been milled 0.005” or more. The use of these cam sprockets allows the extraction of maximum power from your engine. We have recorded gains of up to 10~15 horsepower due to cam timing tuning using adjustable cam sprockets.
When aftermarket or reground cams are installed, the original manufacturer’s cam timing specifications are no longer accurate. These adjustable cam sprockets allow you to make necessary adjustments to cam timing to maximize the performance of your engine. This is accomplished by “degreeing in” the optimum cam timing for a particular engine set up.
The adjustable cam sprocket is especially effective when used with heads that have been milled. The adjustability of the sprocket allows the accommodation of the changes in cam timing due to the variation of timing belt length from the bottom sprocket to the top sprocket when the head is milled. If the head has been milled 0.005” or greater the relationship between the head and the block is altered by moving the head closer to the crankshaft resulting in retarded cam timing.


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