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1994-2001 Dodge 1500 4WD Coil Spacer kit Installation Instructions

November 30th, 2009 · No Comments

Step 1: Position truck on a flat surface and lift vehicle by the frame so that the front wheels are off the ground using a floor jack and jack stands or a (2) two post lift if available and remove the front wheels and tires. Locate the front sway bar and unbolt the lower end link. Do this on both sides of vehicle. (Insert A) Next locate the lower track bar mount on the passenger side of the vehicle and unbolt from axle. (Insert B)
Step 2: Place an index mark on the stock coil and a matching one on the lower coil pocket. This will allow you to replace the coils in the stock location Next locate the upper shock mounts (they are located in the engine compartment) and remove the upper shock hardware. Next remove the 3 nuts from the upper shock mounts. Do this on both sides of vehicle. Now remove the lower shock mounting bolts and remove the shocks by pulling them up through the engine compartment. Do this on both sides of vehicle
Step 3: Remove the Stock Coils from both sides of vehicle. Retaining the stock rubber spring isolators for use in re-installing the coils. Remove and discard the metal rings with 3 bolts. The ReadyLiftо spacers will replace the metal rings, and act as the upper spring mounts. (Insert C).
Loosely bolt the ReadyLiftо spacer into the upper coil mount as show. (Insert D) Only finger tighten the hardware as you will have to remove it once the coils have been re installed.
Step 4: On the driver’s side, place the rubber isolator onto the top of the coil spring and install into the stock location, sliding the top of the coil onto the ReadyLiftо spacer. (Insert E)
Use of a pry bar may be necessary to get the coil in to the lower coil pocket. (Insert F)
Repeat Step 4 on the Passenger side of Truck.
(Note: Refer to the index marks from Step 2 to get the coils back into the stock locations)
Step 5: Re-install the Front Shocks by feeding them back down through the engine compartment, and install the lower shock hardware then re-install the upper shock mounts onto the new studs of the ReadyLiftо spacers. Re-install upper shock hardware and tighten to factory specs. Using the factory hardware re-connect the Track Bar and Front Sway Bar Mounts on both sides of truck. Follow each step closely making sure to double-check the torque on all fasteners. Measure the distance between the tires and fenders to make sure both sides of the truck are even.
Step 6: Wheel Alignment; a Certified Alignment Technician that is experienced with lifted vehicles is recommended to perform the alignment. *It is recommended that you have your vehicle’s alignment checked whenever installing new tires. It is also recommended that you adjust your headlights whenever your vehicle’s ride height is altered.


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