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1994 Ford Pickup F150 Spindle & Shaft Assembly

May 26th, 2010 · No Comments

1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove wheel assembly. Remove caliper from rotor. Remove locking hub.
2. Remove wheel bearings, lock nuts, hub and rotor. Remove spindle-to-steering knuckle nuts. Tap spindle
with plastic hammer to free spindle from steering knuckle. See Fig. 9 . Remove spindle, spindle seat (if
equipped) and splash shield.
3. On right side applications, remove and discard keystone clamp from shaft assembly and stub shaft. Slide
rubber boot onto stub shaft. Remove shaft assembly from right axle. See Fig. 9 .
4. Remove left shaft assembly (if required). On all applications, wrap spindle in protective cloth and place
second step of spindle in soft-jawed vise.
5. On Explorer and Ranger, remove oil seal using slide hammer and Seal Remover (TOOL-1175-AC).
Remove needle bearing from spindle. Press seal from shaft assembly. See Fig. 9 .
6. On Bronco and F150, remove needle bearing and oil seal using slide hammer and Cup Puller (T77F-
1102-A). Press seal from shaft assembly.
1. Clean all dirt and grease from spindle bearing bore. Ensure bearing bore is free of nicks and burrs. On
Explorer and Ranger, install seal on shaft assembly using press and Seal Installer (T83T-3132-A).
2. On Bronco and F150, install seal on shaft assembly, with seal lip toward spindle. On right side
applications, install rubber boot and NEW keystone clamps on stub shaft. Install right shaft assembly into
stub shaft, with stub shaft missing spline aligned with shaft assembly.
3. Ensure splines are fully engaged. Install rubber boot over assembly and tighten keystone clamps. On left
axle applications, install shaft assembly through steering knuckle, and engage in splines.
4. Install needle bearing in spindle, with manufacturer identification mark facing away from spindle bore.
For bearing installation, use Handle (T80T-4000-W), and Bearing/Seal Installer (T83T-3123-A for
Explorer and Ranger; T80T-4000-S for Bronco and F150).


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