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1995-99 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST/GSX PowerMax Turbo Upgrade: XS21-0100

September 19th, 2010 · No Comments

Please follow the directions below carefully, making sure to perform each step in its listed order. We would like to stress to you that, when the directions call for you to remove or install any of your vehicle’s factory components, you must follow the instructions given in your factory service manual.
1. Remove the factory turbocharger assembly according to the instructions in the factory repair manual. Be careful when removing the factory turbocharger oil supply pipe. The pipe is located against the block, behind the factory turbocharger. Use a 7/16” wrench to hold the pipe attached to the turbocharger while using a 3/4” flare wrench to unbolt the fitting on the block side pipe. To streamline the installation process, we suggest removing the radiator and factory exhaust manifold at this time as well.
2. The PowerMax turbocharger assembly is delivered with the adapter plate, fittings, and oxygen sensor housing already assembled. Connect the 90 degree end of the stainless steel braided oil supply line to the turbocharger’s oil inlet fitting first, then use the 10mm x 70mm bolts and washers (4 of each are supplied) and bolt turbochargers assembly to factory exhaust manifold. You will be re-using the factory exhaust manifold-to-turbocharger gasket. Please make sure that you clean both surfaces of this stainless steel gasket. NOTE: it is advised that you use Copper-Spray-a-Gasket from Permatex on both cylinder head-to-manifold and manifold-to-turbocharger gaskets to ensure a proper seal. This product is available at most auto parts stores.
3. Next, fasten the complete turbocharger and manifold assembly to the cylinder head. Remember to clean both sides of the cylinder head-to-manifold gasket as well as applying a coat of Copper-Spray-a-Gasket as in step 3.
4. Fasten the other end of the turbocharger oil supply hose to the factory oil supply pipe.
5. Next, install the supplied oil pan fitting and gasket. The oil pan fitting is designed to have a slight upward angle. Double check to make sure that pipe is angled toward the top of the engine. Use the factory bolts to secure it in place.
6. Attach the 5/8” turbocharger oil drain hose to oil pan fitting with a hose clamp (supplied). Then, connect the other end of the oil drain hose to the oil drain tube attached to the bottom of the turbocharger’s center housing. Secure this end with the other supplied hose clamp and make sure that there are no kinks or crimps in this hose.
7. Using one M10 x 1.25 x 25mm bolt and one M10 x 1.25 x 30mm bolt (both supplied), bolt the downpipe to the oxygen sensor housing using a factory gasket in between. Make sure to use the 30mm bolt on the side closest to the front of the engine and the 25mm bolt on the side closer to the transmission.
8. Use the supplied 3/8” Silicone Hose to connect your factory metal water lines to the water fittings on the new turbocharger. Fasten them using the supplied hose clamps.
9. Re-install the factory turbocharger compressor inlet hose and connect it to the inlet of the new turbocharger. Reconnect the other end to the Air Flow Meter’s outlet and secure both sides with the factory hose clamps.


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