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1997-98 Nissan 200SX, Sentra Pro.Fit VSM Kit Installation

November 23rd, 2009 · No Comments

STEP 1. Set emergency brake. Place gear selector away from dash. Open ashtray, depress push lever, and remove ashtray. Remove small trim insert located between flasher and defrost button by hooking small indent in the trim piece with hook tool and pulling out , set aside. Using Phillips screwdriver, locate and remove Phillips screw located behind this trim piece , set aside. Remove trim bezel by inserting hook tool in lower right corner of bezel. Pull to release corner clip. Repeat on bottom left. Pull bezel with hand to release remaining two (2) top clips. Do not disconnect wiring for defrost switch and flashers. Let bezel hang to side.
STEP 2. Locate and remove two (2) screws to the right of the climate control unit. Align Pro.Fit VSMTM with screw holes and centering pin (screws to the left of the climate control may need to be loosened for proper fit adjustment.) Insert and tighten all factory screws.
STEP 3. Work trim bezel over Pro.Fit VSMTM. Reinsert bezel back into place, fastening clips. Reinsert screw and replace trim panel cover. Reinstall ashtray.
STEP 4. Attach hang-up cup onto Pro.Fit VSMTM.
The installation is completed.


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