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1997 Mercedes Benz S 320 LWB Steering Lock Replacement Service Repair

May 16th, 2010 · No Comments

Removing and Installing Steering Lock
1. Remove cover below instrument panel.
2. Remove instrument cluster.
3. Unscrew escutcheon (36a) from instrument panel using claw-type wrench (020).
4. Remove coil for transponder from lock cylinder. (Vehicles with DAS 2a – as of 6/96)
5. Turn lock cylinder to position “1″
6. Press in locking catch (36f) of connector (S21×1) and pull slide towards the lock
7. Detach wire cable (37a) for parking lock on the protective sleeve (36d).
8. Using a locally made U-bolt (010) (for assembling protective sleeve on steering
lock) press in locking pins on the steering lock part (37) and remove protective
sleeve (36d) with starter switch and lock cylinder. CAUTION: The shaft (37f) in the
steering lock part (37) must not be moved from position “1″ otherwise the steering
lock is engaged and cannot be disengaged without severely damaging the lock.
9. Unscrew nut and withdraw attachment pins (37m) upwards NOTE:
To withdraw the attachment pin, it may be necessary to loosen and carefully
lower the jacket tube at the upper fixing bolts.
With the steering lock installed and engaged: The attachment pins can only
be withdrawn from the jacket tube by damaging the steering lock beyond
10. Withdraw steering lock part (37) from the jacket tube.


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