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1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder BX1933 Installation Instructions

October 1st, 2009 · No Comments

Following the installation instructions for BX1933 1977 Mitubishi Eclipse Spyder:
1. The baseplate will mount to the frames on each side of the radiator and also to the lower support frame directly below the motor. Two holes will need to be drilled on each upper frame and the two bolts to the lower frame will be used to hold the middle brace of the baseplate. The bumper molding, bumper and the headlights need to be removed to successfully install the baseplate.
2. Remove the bolts from bumper molding with a 10mm wrench. You will also need to remove the rivets that are located in the center area of the grill. On the back part of the bumper molding are two bolts that fasten the bumper molding and the quarter panels. Remove the rivets that connect the front fender wells and the bumper molding.
3. The plastic bumper needs to be removed next. Two square tubes slide in the frames (the one on each side of the radiator). Remove the two bolts that hold the tubes in the frame. They are located on the bottom of each frame. When the bolts are removed, the bumper assembly can be removed from the car.
4. Next remove the headlights by removing the top bolt along with the bolts located on the back of the headlight assembly beneath the fender, also remove the bolt located on the bottom of each headlight assembly. With the headlights free, remove the electrical connectors and set aside.
5. The baseplates (Item 1) upper braces will mount on the frame. The larger lower brace will use the cross member frame holes. These are located in the center of the vehicle directly behind the radiator.
6. The plastic radiator shroud (the plastic formed around the radiator) needs to be trimmed so the upper part of the baseplate can be placed on the frames. Hold the baseplate up to the car holding it centered to the radiator and mark the shroud so it can be trimmed. Below the radiator is a plastic air jam, cut a rectangular square big enough so the L – shaped brace on the baseplate can be fit through to the engine support frame bolts.
7. With the plastic shroud and air jam trimmed, the baseplate can now be installed. Place a jack under the engine frame and remove the two bolts that support it. Slide the baseplate through the air jam and position it so the bolts can be installed again.
8. The holes for the upper braces will need to be drilled, use the brace holes as guides and drill 13/32″ holes through the frame of the car (two holes per frame). Use the 3/8″ bolts, nuts and washers (Items 3, 4 and 5). Be sure to apply Loctite Blue with each nut and bolt to ensure they will not loosen while in use.
9. Replace the bumper and hold up the bumper molding to its original position, the grill will need to be trimmed so the attachment tabs extend through the opening.
10. With the baseplate installed and the bumper molding trimmed, replace the headlight and bumper assemblies.
11. The dimensional variations between otherwise identical cars can be considerable. While the location and size of the holes in the baseplate were designed to allow for easy installation, it may be necessary to file a hole slightly to allow a bolt to clear.


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