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1998 Mazda Miata BX2514 Installation

November 29th, 2010 · No Comments

BX2514 baseplate installation procedures:
1. Read the General Instruction Sheet included with this baseplate.
2. Remove bumper, open the hood and remove the bolts from the top aluminum piece. Remove the lower phillip hex head screws (6) from the bumper molding.
3. Remove the phillips hex head screws on the inside of bumper molding by pulling back on plastic of the fender well, one on each side.
4. In the grill opening are three rectangular shaped push pins, remove these. Also remove the plastic phillips push pins from the upper grill opening.
5. Remove the phillips hex head screws from the sides of the bumper molding, directly in front of tires, in the fender well area.
6. The sides of the bumper molding can be pulled outward. A plastic ball connector is holding it in place, just pull out. Now the bumper molding can be pulled out.
7. Remove the tow hooks, and bolt the mount brackets in their place with the provided 10MM X 35MM hex head bolts, flat and lockwashers. Be sure to use Loctite on each of the bolts. Look at diagram for mounting of brackets. Be sure not to tighten completely.
8. Mount the main frame to the mount brackets with the 1/2 X 2 3/4 hex head bolts, flat and lockwashers, and hex nuts. Again use Loctite on the bolts. Tighten completely.
9. Go back and tighten the 10MM X 35MM hex bolts.
10. Secure the bumper molding with the plastic ball connector, phillips hex head screws, and push pins.
11. Install the tow bar and safety cables according to the instructions included in their packages.

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