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1999 Chevrolet camaro 3.8l mods?

January 7th, 2011 · No Comments

I have the 1999 Chevrolet camaro. I have been trying for months for my parents to let be buy a z28, but it isn’t happening. So for now i’m putting money into this one. I want to start off by putting in a camshaft. Whats a good one that will fit my car? how much is it gonna cost? Are there any other mods that i have to do to install this? What is the cheapest super/turbo charger i can get for this car?

- A new V8 is a pretty good mod, even cheaper than a super charger. Drop it in.
- As the owner of a 96 3.8- Why? It’s fast enough. Tell your parents to get you a geo metro until you can learn not to put yourself in deaths way.
- My friend…you don’t need a z to put out serious power. A lot of people don’t realize just how strong of a motor the 3.8 series 2 is… I’ll leave you some websites in the source box. (btw my 98 >V6< is putting 290hp to the ground and the STS turbo is on the way)

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