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1999 Lincoln Continental V8-4.6L DOHC Axle Shaft Assembly

May 16th, 2010 · No Comments

CAUTION: Do not begin this procedure unless the following parts are available:
a new front axle wheel hub retainer
a new front suspension lower arm-to-ball joint nut
a new circlip Do not reuse these parts during assembly. Their torque retention
capability diminishes during removal.
NOTE: This procedure applies to both the LH and RH halfshaft assemblies.
1. WARNING: The electrical power to the air suspension system must be shut
off prior to hoisting, jacking or towing an air suspension vehicle. Failure to
turn off the air suspension switch can result in unexpected inflation or
deflation of the air springs, which can result in shifting of the vehicle during
these operations. With the transmission in neutral, raise and support the vehicle.
2. Remove the front wheel and tire assembly.
3. CAUTION: The front axle wheel hub retainer uses a torque prevailing design. Do not
reuse it. Remove the retainer and the washer. Discard the retainer.
Insert a steel pin in the brake disc to prevent the halfshaft from fuming.
4. Remove and position the front brake anti-lock sensor aside.
5. Remove and discard the nut.
6. Using the special tool, separate the lower ball joint from the front suspension lower arm.
7. CAUTION: Never use a hammer to separate the front wheel driveshaft joint from
the wheel hub. Damage to the joint threads and internal components can result.
NOTE: Position the Metric Hub Remover opposite the Hub Adapter, and to fully
thread it on the wheel stud. Using the special tools, press the front wheel driveshaft
joint until the splines are free of the wheel hub.
Remove the special tools when pressing is complete.


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