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2000-2005 Ford 4WD Excursion 4″ Suspension System Installation Instructions

January 26th, 2010 · No Comments

2. Compare all contents of the boxes to the parts list before starting to insure all components are included.
3. Prior to installing the suspension system, inspect the vehicle’s suspension components, alignment, and frame for damage, corrosion, or cracks. Correct any worn or damaged parts before beginning install.
4. Always wear safety glasses during installation
5. On most vehicles, removal of the front bumper may be necessary in order to remove front spring eye bolts.
6. Install all nuts and bolts with a flat washer on both sides.
7. Unless otherwise noted, tighten all bolts to the torque specifications listed in the Torque Specification table included in these instructions. Use a torque wrench.
8. Estimated time to install this system is 6 hours.
9. Suspension components that use rubber or urethane bushings should be tightened with the vehicle at normal ride height. This will prevent premature failure of the bushing and maintain ride comfort
10. Check off the step number at the beginning of each step when you finish it. Then when you stop during the installation, it will be easier to find where you need to continue from.

1. Park vehicle on level, hard (concrete) surface.
2. Block the rear wheels of the vehicle to prevent vehicle from moving in either direction and set parking brake.
3. Remove front bumper by removing (2) outer 13mm brace bolts and the (4) 18mm bolts from front of bumper. If the vehicle contains a crash bar below the bumper, it must be removed. To accomplish this, remove the (6) 21mm nuts. While supporting the bumper, disconnect the (2) lighting harness plugs and wiring harness from bumper (if applicable), and the (3) plastic push clips in the rubber shield. Carefully remove bumper, making sure not to scratch the paint on the front fenders.
4. To make access to spring eye bolts, remove (2) 8mm bolts at the lower corner supports of air conditioning cooler and remove supports. See Illustration 1.
5. Remove the track bar bolt (30 mm) (save for later use) on the driver side of the frame mount (see illustration 2), and the tie rod end from the pitman arm.
6. Raise the front of vehicle and support with jack stands on the
frame behind the front springs.
7. Remove the front wheels.
8. Support the front axle with a floor jack.
9. Remove sway bar end links on both sides. Save the 15mm bolts, to use for reassembly.
10. Remove front shocks (saving bolts for reinstallation).
11. Carefully bend brake line bracket at frame to horizontal position (see illustration 3).
12. While supporting front differential with a floor jack, remove driver side U-bolts.
13. Remove front driver side leaf spring front nuts (27mm) and rear nuts (21mm), leaving spring eye bolts in place.
14. Lower axle to clear spring. Remove spring bolts and spring.
TECH TIP: Factory spring bolts are secured with loctite, which makes removal difficult. By warming the nut with a propane torch to approx. 300 degrees Fahrenheit, the loctite will release and the hardware can be removed with hand tools. (WARNING: Have Fire Extinguisher handy whenever using a open flame on or near any vehicle.)


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