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2000 Audi A6 – DTC P1557 (17965) Stored in DTC Memory

November 2nd, 2010 · No Comments

DTC P1557 (17965) stored in DTC memory. May be caused by a loss of pressure to turbocharger due to cracks or tears in intake air duct under the fastening clamps.
Improved parts installed beginning with the following Vehicle Identification Numbers.
A6Q 2.7T S4 2.7T VIN: 4B_YN090650 VIN: 8D_YA140000
– Remove the upper engine covers (see Repair Manual Group 15 Cylinder head covers removing and installing).
– Remove intake air duct (arrow) and inspect for cracks or tears.
If intake air duct is cracked or torn:
– Install new parts as follows.
– Reinstall upper engine covers.
– Clear any stored DTC’s.

– Set readiness code.

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