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2001-2003 Nissan Infiniti QX4 See Reverse Side Installation Instructions

November 16th, 2009 · No Comments

STEP 1. Begin by removing the air vent assembly above the climate control module. There are three (3) clips on the top and four (4) clips on the bottom of the vent. (See photo # 3.) Slide your hook tool between the vent assembly and dash. Push the clip towards the vent to release it, while gently pulling the vent out. After releasing all seven (7) clips, slide the air vent out and set aside.
STEP 2. Locate and remove two (2) Phillips screws directly above the climate control. Gently pull the radio and climate control module away from the dash. It is not necessary to completely remove the unit.
STEP 3. Place the Pro.Fit VSMTM to the right of the climate control. Align the mount so that rectangular hole is completely visible. Hold the mount securely against the dash and mark the locations of the three (3) screw holes. Set the mount aside. Drill three (3) pilot holes at the marked locations using a 5/64” drill bit and drill. Align the mount over the pilot holes, insert the three (3) # 10×1/2” screws and tighten. Reassemble the dash in reverse order.


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