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2001 Chevrolet/Geo Corvette Drive Belt Chirping Diagnosis

February 26th, 2011 · No Comments

The chirping noise may be intermittent due to moisture on the drive belt(s) or the accessory drive pulley (s). in order to duplicate the customer’s concern, It may be necessary to spray a small amount of water onto the drive belt(s). If spraying water on the drive belt(s) duplicates the symptom, cleaning the accessory drive pulley(s) may be the most probable solution.
A loose or improper installation of a body or suspension component, or other item(s) on the vehicle may
cause the chirping noise.
Test Description
The number(s) below refer to the step(s) in the diagnostic table.
2. The chirping noise may not be engine related. This step is to verify that the engine is making the noise. If the engine is not making the noise do not proceed further in this table.
3. The noise may be an internal engine noise. Remove the drive belt(s) and operate the engine for a few seconds, this will verify if the chirping noise is related to the drive belt(s) or not. With the drive belt(s) removed the water pump will not operate and the engine may overheat. Also diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) may set when the engine is operated with the drive belt(s) removed.
4. Inspect the drive belt(s) for signs of pilling. Pilling is the small balls, pills, or strings in the drive belt grooves caused by the accumulation of rubber dust.
6. Misalignment of the accessory drive pulley(s) may be caused from improper mounting or incorrect installation of an accessory drive component, or the pulley may be bent inward or outward from a previous repair. Test for a misaligned pulley using a straight edge in the pulley grooves across 2 or 3 pulleys. If a misaligned pulley is found refer to that accessory drive component for the proper removal and installation procedure for that pulley.


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