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2003 & 2004 GM SUV Radix Intercooled Supercharger System Installation

February 24th, 2011 · No Comments

1. Start the supercharger installation by installing the upgraded fuel pump. Ensure that the fuel tank is less than 1/8 full (preferably empty) by checking the fuel level gauge. Even though the gauge may read empty, some residual fuel will be present in the tank. Exercise extreme caution and common sense when working around gasoline. Extinguish all open flame or other sources of ignition and be sure to perform the following steps in an area with adequate ventilation. Personal protection in the form of eye protection and fuel resistant gloves are strongly recommended.
2. On the right (passenger) side of the intake manifold, locate the fuel pressure test port. CAUTION! The fuel in the system is under pressure! Relieve the pressure in the fuel system by depressing the check valve with a screwdriver and collecting the fuel with a shop towel.
3. Relieve the pressure in the fuel tank by removing the fuel filler cap. The following steps are for 2004 vehicles, for 2003 skip this section and continue to step 36.
4. At the rear of the fuel tank, loosen the lower clamp and disconnect the fuel fill pipe from the tank. Disconnect the tank vent and large white vapor canister connectors by squeezing the sides of the connectors and then pulling back. To release the small vapor canister connector, push the colored tabs on the bottom of the connector together and up and then pull the connector free.


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