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2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Bank High-Ram Intake Owner’s Manual

January 4th, 2010 · No Comments

1. For ease of installation of your Banks High-Ram Intake, please familiarize yourself with the procedures by reading the entire manual before starting work. This instruction manual contains 8 pages of text, and 6 illustrations.
2. Disconnect the ground cable from the battery before beginning work. If there are two batteries, disconnect both.
3. Route and tie wires a minimum of 6 inches away from exhaust heat, moving parts and sharp edges. clearance of 8 inches or more is recommended where possible.
4. The installation should be performed at time when the vehicle has been allowed to completely cool. This installation requires the installer to work near surfaces that may remain hot after the vehicle has been run. Failure to allow the vehicle to cool may result in personal injury.
5. During installation, keep your work area and components clean to avoid possible dirt entry into the engine.
6. Banks recommends that a Pyrometer (EGT) gauge (Banks part# 63401) and a Boost gauge (Banks part# 63405) be installed to monitor performance and exhaust gas temperature of the vehicle.

1. Loosen the clamp that holds the rubber hose at the inlet of the stock intake and slide the hose free of the intake inlet. Save the clamp for re-use.
Caution: Cover the intercooler up-pipe opening with a clean rag to prevent foreign objects from entering the intake tract.
2. Remove the bolt that holds the dipstick on the intake. Save the bolt for reuse. Gently push and move the dipstick and its holder to the rear of the engine compartment to gain access to the engine.
3. Remove the electric heater wire harness from the stock intake by pulling the plastic pin out. Remove the wire harness brackets that are mounted on the intake by removing the nut and the washer. Save the nut and the washer for re-use.
4. Unbolt and remove the 4 bolts at the base of the stock intake and remove the intake from the engine, being careful to not knock any debris into the intake through the electric heater element block.
5. Remove the stud bolt from the stock intake (see Figure 1), and install it onto Banks High-Ram at the same location.
6. Remove the three wires connecting the electric heater element block to the engine and remove the heater element block. Save the fasteners for re-use.
Caution: Cover the opening in the intake manifold with a clean rag to prevent foreign objects from entering the engine.


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