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2003-2009 Chevrolet/GMC Vans Kwik Kit Rear AC/Heat (KK-HVAC)

January 22nd, 2011 · No Comments

A. Position rear AC/Heat evaporator blower behind wheel well on driver side. Note: Install prior to Kwik-Kit. This photo shows rear bulkhead position.
B. Mark location for drain hose and cut ¾” hole with hole saw. Note: Silicone hole from underneath when mounting is complete.
C. Drill 1/8” and screw down floor mount bracket with #10 x ¾” sheet metal screw.
D. Drill ¼” hole and bolt upper bracket to inner body sheet metal with ¼” x ¾” hex bolt.
(This step is done PRIOR to Kwik-Kit installation)
A. Attach duct hoses to evaporator blower and run to ceiling.
B. Note: Photo 3 shows complete duct hose assembly.
C. Duct hoses should be temporarily attached to ceiling in approximate location of ceiling vents. Hoses to be pulled through ceiling holes when ceiling is installed.
3. CUT NECESSARY HOLES: Always check under floor for obstructions (Re. Hoses or harnesses). Determine location on vehicles floor to drill hole. Hole must be forward of driver side wheel well. Cut 4” hole on driver side floor of van. Apply rubber edge molding provided around drilled hole.
Note: Hole in floor of van will need to be sealed with silicon when installation is complete
4. ROUTE HOSES: Start under hood of Van and route all AC and Heat hoses to HVAC Unit through previously cut hole. Avoid running hoses on or around sharp edges. (Use supplied edge molding if necessary) Route AC/Heat unit hoses through hole in floor of Van. At this time focus on HVAC connections under hood of van.
Note: Do not tie hoses to break lines, fuel lines or exhaust pipes. Tie or bolt to frame rail.


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