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2003 Chevrolet Impala with Police Package 9C1 UBF5150B Brake Light Flasher

February 1st, 2011 · No Comments

Installation & Wiring: The auxiliary battery power junction box is mounted in the trunk on the passenger side support strut behind the rear wheel housing. An in-line connector is provided outside the rear body harnesses flexible tubing, on the passenger side support strut, behind the rear wheel housing. The flasher module will plug into this connector.
1. Unplug the connector on the vehicle and plug the 2 connectors from the flasher module into the 2 opposite connectors coming from the vehicle wiring harness.
2. Secure the flasher to a flat surface on the inside of the trunk using appropriate mounting hardware.
3. OPTIONAL: Extend the third wire on the flasher to the positive wires coming from your 2 deck lights and connect them, then connect the ground wires on the deck lights to a chassis ground.
4. Coiled up under the passenger side of the dash board, you will find a wiring harness. Uncoil the harness and find the GREY connector. Cut the BLUE wire that is indicated in Figure 2. NOTE: You will notice that there are 2 BLUE wires in this connector. Be sure you cut the correct one. When you apply 12 volts to this wire, the flasher will engage.


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