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2003 Dodge Pickup R1500 Axle Shafts Front Installation

May 22nd, 2010 · No Comments

Vehicles equipped with 4WD and C205F front axle assembly use equal length axle shaft system to deliver power from front differential to front wheels. Both axle shafts are identical and interchangeable, 3-piece units consisting of outer Rzeppa joint, solid interconnecting shaft and inner tripod joint. Both Rzeppa joints and tripod joints are true Constant Velocity (CV) joint assemblies. Inner tripod joint allows for changes in axle shaft length through jounce and rebound travel of front suspension. Both inner CV joints are splined onto differential axle shafts and are retained on axle shaft by a snap ring located on axle shaft. Outer CV joints have stub shafts that are splined into wheel hub and are retained by a steel hub nut.
CAUTION: NEVER grasp axle shaft assembly by CV boots, as this may cause boot to pucker or crease and reduce service life of CV boot. Avoid overangulating or stroking CV joints when handling axle shaft assembly. To prevent CV boot deterioration, keep axle shaft assemblies away from battery acid, transmission fluid, brake fluid, differential fluid and gasoline.
1. Have assistant apply brakes, and loosen wheel lug nuts and hub nut. Raise and support vehicle. Remove wheel and tire assembly. Remove hub nut from axle shaft. 2. Remove disc brake caliper mounting pins from caliper adapter, and remove caliper assembly. Support disc brake caliper assembly by using a wire hook and suspending it out of the way. DO NOT allow caliper to hang by flex hose. Remove caliper adapter mounting bolts, and remove caliper adapter from steering knuckle. Remove brake rotor. 3. Place hydraulic jack under lower suspension arm, and raise jack to unload rebound bumper. Remove lower shock absorber bolt. Remove upper ball joint nut, and separate upper ball joint from steering knuckle with Remover (8677).


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