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2004-2005 Mazda RX-8 Grille Install Instructions

October 28th, 2009 · No Comments

Tools Reqd: ratchet with 8mm and 10mm sockets (extension not required), small flat blade screwdriver, small phillips head screwdriver.
Open the hood and prop it up.
Remove the four 10mm bolts (see photo)
Remove the quick-lock fasteners holding the weather trim piece in place. They are removed using a small Phillips screwdriver.
Remove the 4 quick-lock fasteners in the passenger fender wheel (see photo). Using a Phillips head screwdriver, to back the center out (you may need to hold the outer ring to prevent it from turning) then pull the center out and then the outer ring. Repeat this for the driver’s side as well.

Pull back the underpinning in the fender wells to locate the 8mm fastener that holds the side markers (orange lenses). Once the fastener is removed, a tab (see sub photo) must be released by pressing it down while pulling the side marker outward. The side marker is then slid to the rear to fully remove. Looking under the front end of the car you will find ten 8mm screws that hold the front bumper to the underpinning.

At this point the front bumper cover is held in place merely by a locating pin that is beneath the trim at the top. Pull the bumper cover away from the fender on both sides at the side markers then proceed to lift the bumper cover upward and forward. At this point if you have fog lamps you will need to remove the wiring connectors. Place the front bumper cover on a padded surface to prevent scratching. You should now have something like this (minus the snazzy new grille).

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