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2004-2006 FORD 5.4L Intercooled Supercharger System Installation Instructions

July 6th, 2010 · No Comments

2004 owners will need to replace the water pump pulley with a 2005-2006 water pump pulley.
Ford part number # F7UZ-8509-AA
After you finish your installation and road test your vehicle, please fill out and mail in the limited warranty card,
so we can add you to our files (this is important for your protection).
1. Start the supercharger installation by removing the negative (-) battery with a 10mm wrench.
2. Remove the air tube with a 10mm socket wrench.
3. Remove the air tube assembly by lifting it up and pulling it towards the passenger (right) side.
4. Disconnect the eight ignition coil connectors by squeezing the release trigger and pulling the connectors free.
5. Remove the bolt that secures the coil to the cylinder head with a 7mm socket wrench.
6. Remove the eight ignition coils by carefully pulling up on them.
7. The standard spark plugs will need to be replaced with the Autolite HT0 spark plugs supplied. Use an appropriate 9/16” spark plug socket to remove and replace the plugs. Use of a standard “deep” socket will break the spark plugs.


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