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2004-2009 Mazda 3 Engine Torque Damper Installation Instructions for 93054

May 18th, 2010 · No Comments

The Stiffy ™ Adjustable Engine Torque Damper is engineered to reduce deflection under hard acceleration and cornering for improved performance and power to weight transfer. Deflection in the motor mounts, as with the chassis and suspension, is a formidable enemy in power and weight transfer, robbing valuable horsepower and control. The innovative, built-in damper eliminates the huge amounts of “torque shock” that result from wheel-hop and once installed; transfers more power to the road and improves acceleration, shifting, and overall control and balance. The adjustable feature allows the assembly to be tuned and pre-loaded for racing and street applications.

CAUTION: Observe proper safety and repair procedures for installation of all chassis parts. Some chassis parts require specialized tools and experience and therefore MUST be installed by a qualified technician; otherwise and unsafe vehicle and/or personal injury could result. Wear safety glasses and other protection.

WARNING: Before beginning, check for any damaged or loose suspension connections. Loose connections here indicate worn or broken parts which MUST BE REPLACED. Failure to replace a damaged or worn spindle and/or link may cause the wheel to separate from the vehicle, possibly resulting in serious personal injury. Installer MUST check for proper clearance. Modification(s) may be required. Please proceed ONLY if the vehicle owner is completely aware of these potential suspension modifications.


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