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2004 Ford Territory Wagon Spare Wheel Carrier Mounting Instructions

March 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

Step 1: Remove drivers side rear cargo tie down fitting
Step 2: Mark position of hole as shown and use a 22mm diameter hole saw. Cut hole thru plastic trim only to access seat belt mounting point. Tip: Use 6mm pilot drill first to check alignment of seat belt point and adjust hole position if necessary. Tap hole M12.
Step 3: Mount SWC using the cargo tie down fitting screws you removed earlier to loosely fix the front mount. Use items 9,11,10 8 &15 (refer SWC diagram) to loosely fix the rear mount. Level upright SWC frame and tighten screws. Mark mid mount hole position thru bracket onto plastic trim.
Step 4: Use a long 6mm drill bit and drill thru plastic trim and wheel arch keeping the drill straight and horizontal. Use 38mm hole saw to cut a hole thru trim only. Drill out 6mm hole in wheel arch using a 13mm drill bit.
Step 5: Deburr hole and provide corrosion protection. Seal hole with silicon and assemble item 6 thru hole. Assemble item 7 thru plastic trim ensuring it meets flat with wheel arch.
Step 6: Replace original front mount screws with items 13 & 14. Tighten all mounting points hardware to the recommended torque settings listed below. Refer to SWC diagram for hardware assembly items and locations.
Step 7: Mount spare wheel as shown ensuring wheel clearance to cargo barrier and rear plastic trim Using item 2, clamp spare wheel by hand then tighten with the wheel brace.


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