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2004 Mazda Tribute Quick Tips

November 24th, 2010 · No Comments

This Quick Tips guide is provided by Mazda North American Operations to make your Mazda ownership experience more convenient. It is not intended to replace your Owner’s Manual.
Operates ignition and all locks
SecuriLock™ passive anti-theft key
Coded transistor in key activates ignition Remote keyless entry system*, see Locks Tips: Use key number plate to purchase a new key; store in safe place
You can lock the lift- gate by using the key, pushing the lock but- ton down or using the power door lock switch* on the left side of the cargo area
1. Power door locks, see Switches/Locks
2. Power window switches, see Switches/Locks
3. Fog lamp switch* Press on/off; on with low beams only
4. Air vents
5. Turn signals/lighting control lever, see Driver Controls
6. Horn/Air bag
7. Wiper/washer control lever, see Driver Controls
Always check the Owner’s Manual for more operating information and safety features
8. Gearshift lever (A/T), see Transmission.
Driver Control
Wiper/washer control lever
Ignition switch must be in ACC or ON position To activate interval wipers: Push lever down to first detent and rotate knob (1) to desired speed To activate wiper normal or low speed: Push down to second detent To activate high speed: Push lever down to third detent. To activate washer: Pull lever toward you To activate mist: Push lever up and release To activate rear interval wiper: Rotate knob (2) up to INT To activate rear normal speed wipe: Rotate knob (2) up to ON To activate rear wash: Rotate knob (2) to and release.


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