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2005-2008 HINO Quick Reference Guide

May 3rd, 2010 · No Comments

The Quick Reference Guide is designed to help you quickly look up parts for commonly ordered parts. The format has been changed from previous years. The main sections are in alphabetical order but the Sub-sections are not. The PART NAME is listed in the first column. The name refers to what HINO may call the part or what the typical truck industry name is. The second column DESCRIPTION gives more detailed information about what the part includes or does not include. The third column is the actual PART NUMBER and should be entered as shown. Supercessions may apply. The forth column is the MODEL this part applies to and the model years that it applies to. The fifth column is the GROUP. HINO uses five major groups. Engine – Electrical – Drive – Cab Rear Body and Chassis/Tool The sixth column is the FIGURE # that the part can be found in the Hino Electronic Parts Catalog and is helpful if you need other parts in addition to what’s listed in the Quick Reference Guide.

HINO Production Series Code
In order to insure you are ordering the correct part number for the vehicle you are working on it is critical that you use the Production Series Code. This is located just below the VIN number on the VIN plate. The plate is attached to the passenger side doorjamb on all conventional trucks. The Production Series Code can also be found in Dealer Connect through the warranty screen. Go to DC600 then DC611 and then click on options. The vehicle options will be displayed and the Production Series Code is shown directly below the header – Options – It will always consist of two letters and 1 number.


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