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2006-2007 Mazda MX-5 Water Accumulation In Footwell / Plugged Soft Top Drains

November 29th, 2010 · No Comments

2006-2007 MX-5 soft top models with VINs lower than JM1 NC**** ** 131736 (produced before November 20, 2006)
Some vehicles equipped with the folding soft top may experience water accumulation in the foot wells due to the soft top drains becoming clogged with leaves and other debris.
As mass production changes:
- A filter has been added to the drain valve assembly to prevent leaves or other foreign substance from clogging the drain.
- Ribs have been added to the upper and lower valves of the drain valve assembly to prevent the valves (rubber flaps) from getting being forced out of position in the event compressed air is used to clear the drains from under the vehicle.
Vehicles with clogged drains should have the drain assemblies updated as described in the following repair procedure, also included in this bulletin are maintenance tips for the customers to perform to ensure dependable operation of these drains.
1. Verify customer concern.
2. Remove rear package trim and related components, then remove the left and right side shelves. Refer to appropriate Workshop Manual section 09-17 SIDE SHELF REMOVAL / INSTALLATION. Removal of the soft top is not required to perform the repair procedure. Illustrations in this bulletin are for component identification and location purposes only.
3. Remove the seat belt retractors and covers. Refer to appropriate Workshop Manual section 08-11 SEAT
4. Using seat belt retractor holes for access, remove the drain valve assemblies.
5. Clean and degrease the drain cover assemblies, to assure proper adhesion of the filter to drain cover assemblies wipe down contact area indicated with Isopropyl alcohol.
6. Peel the adhesive backing sheet from the filter and affix it to the bottom of the drain cover.
7. Disassemble the drain valve assembly. Note installation position of the lower valve for proper orientation during assembly.
8. Replace the upper and lower valves with modified ones.


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