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2006 BMW 3 Series Product Information Book

July 26th, 2010 · No Comments

The BMW 3 Series, as just about everyone who cares about cars knows, is an icon. It’s an icon for many reasons: its style, its quality, its unique combination of performance, practicality and European luxury in a compact package. Yet above all, the 3 Series’undisputed status as an icon stems from how it drives. For decades, BMW has essentially owned the whole concept of agility; the 3 Series has always been remarkably agile and pleasur- able to drive without compromising comfort and everyday practicality and usability, and no one else quite knew how to match this constellation of attributes.
The new 3 Series, appearing first as the E90 Sedans, builds on this core concept with – • An all-new design that perfectly blends 3 Series character and tradition with progressive esthetics and enhanced functionality. • All-new engines that retain the unique smoothness and sound of BMW’s inline 6-cylinder format while offering more power, more torque, even more refined delivery of power, and new technology so exciting that it’s a complete story in itself. • All-new suspension that combines the refined road manners of larger, more costly BMWs with the agility of the more compact 3 Series…plus innovations in steering, brakes and stability systems as well. • Greater body rigidity, more efficient aerodynamics and even more effective management of crash forces. • More space for rear passengers and cargo. • Greater luxury and convenience, including numerous features previously offered only in the 5, 6 and 7 Series. • New safety features, including rear Head Protection for the first time in the 3 Series (front HPS has always been standard in E46 3 Series Sedans)


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