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2006 Mazda6 2.3L OBD-II Compliance Voluntary Emission Recall Campaign

November 5th, 2009 · No Comments

The monitor function used to detect Short Fuel Trim maximum threshold strategy is inoperative. Due to the lack of this monitor function, the OBD system is not capable of detecting the malfunction that causes the adaptive feedback control to be exceeded. In addition, it is possible that the malfunction may not be detected by any other OBD monitor function, therefore the MIL may not illuminate. Consequently, the vehicle operator would not be advised about the malfunction.

What will Mazda do?
Your Mazda dealer will reprogram the PCM to include the latest calibration free of charge. The repair should take approximately half an hour to complete. However, it may take longer depending on the necessary repairs and service workload at your Mazda dealership. As a reminder, the Mazda Driver’s Assurance Plan may provide alternate transportation when your vehicle is at an authorized Mazda dealership for a warranty repair. To be eligible for alternate transportation, your vehicle must be a 2001 or newer model and within the mileage and time limitations under the Mazda New Vehicle Limited Warranty and adhere to the Rental Car Reimbursement policy. Ask your dealer for details about the Mazda Rental Car Reimbursement Program.


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