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2007-2008 Chevrolet Impala Uneven Police Car Rear Tire Wear Replace Rear Wheel Spindle Rods

January 21st, 2011 · No Comments

This bulletin is being released with individual part numbers for the rear wheel spindle rods. In the near future, GM will release a single part number spindle rod kit containing necessary parts. When the rod kits are available, the bulletin will be revised to include the new part number. In the meantime, please use the parts listed in the bulletin until the kits are available.
On certain 2007-2008 model year Chevrolet Impala vehicles equipped with a police package (RPO 9C1/9C3), the rear wheel spindle rods may cause rear wheel misalignment, resulting in lower tread depth on the inboard side of the rear tire.
Dealers are to replace the rear wheel spindle rods, align the rear wheels, and if necessary, replace the rear tires (only) that exhibit lower tread depth on the inboard side. If the tires have already been replaced due to this condition, the customer may request reimbursement for the replacement tires until July 31, 2009.
Raise and support the vehicle.
Remove the rear tires and wheels.
Remove the exhaust pipe/muffler assembly.
Remove the wiring harness clips from the spindle arms and from the connector at the body.
Remove the rear wheel spindle rod bolts (4) and nuts from the knuckles (both sides).
Remove the stabilizer shaft from the rear suspension support.
Support the rear suspension support with jack stands and remove the mounting bolts.
Lower the rear suspension support in order to gain access to the rear wheel spindle rod to support bolts.


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