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2007 Nissan 350Z AccessPORT Handheld Programmer User Guide

June 12th, 2010 · No Comments

The AccessPORT can: Reprogram the factory engine control unit (ECU) with improved tuning parameters ● through the on-board diagnostic (OBD-II) port Monitor vehicle sensor data using on-screen analog or digital gauges ● Read and clear engine diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) ● Measure 0-60 mph and ¼ mile times ● Monitor current and average fuel economy ● Adjust idle and timing. * ● *For AP-NIS-002 and AP-NIS0-002 only. The changes made to these variables are only temporary, and the ECU will adjust them as it sees necessary.
What Is A Map? The AccessPORT reprograms the tuning parameters inside the factory engine control unit (ECU) using map files, which contain specially written instructions for the AccessPORT to follow during the reprogramming process. A map file can contain information for any number of different modifications or enhancements to a vehicle, ranging from a race map for a heavily modified vehicle to an economy map for a stock vehicle. Through the use of the AccessPORT and different map files the ECU can be reprogrammed to accommodate virtually any vehicle configuration.
Pre-Installation The AccessPORT comes with the most up-to-date software and map files available at the time of shipment. However, it is possible that updated software and/or map files have been made available since the time of shipment. Therefore, the recommended procedure is to connect the AccessPORT to the AP Manager software and download the latest software and map files for the target vehicle. Please see AP Manager Software Manual for more information.


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