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2009-2010 Ford F-150 Pickup Pro.Fit VSM-G3 Instructions

March 28th, 2010 · No Comments

All instructions assume a drivers seat vantage point. Caution is advised when removing and reassembling wood or plastic parts of a dash. Applying unnecessary force or pressure may cause a piece to crack or break.
TOOLS REQUIRED: 7mm socket & driver, DTRT (dash trim removal tool), 3/16″ drill bit & drill, duct tape, phillips screw driver.
PARTS INCLUDED: VSM-G3 bracket, A Plate, J Stem, two (2) #10 x 5/8″ screws
LOCATION: To the right side of the radio/climate control pod.

STEP 1. Begin by removing the rubber pad just above the hazard switch. This will expose two (2) 7 mm bolts that must be removed.
STEP 2. Using the DTRT (dash trim removal tool) unclip the tall trim pieces on each side of the radio/climate control pod. Begin at the bottom of each releasing the clips as you work toward the top. These trim pieces are not completely removed. Once each is pulled out remove four (4) 7 mm bolts at the lower end of the radio pod. Two (2) on each side.
STEP 3. The radio pod can now be carefully pulled out. Grasping the top and bottom and pulling toward the seat will release the clips to remove. It may be necessary to unplug the top wires to adequately access the mounting position for the VSM-G3 bracket.
STEP 4. Position the bracket as pictured against bottom of clip receiver. Tape bracket in place aligning the bend in the bracket to the edge of the plastic substructure. The bend must accept the side ridge of the radio pod. Drill starter holes using the bracket holes as your guide. Attach with screws provided. Leave duct tape in place. Reassemble the dash in reverse order. Attach your phone holder onto the A Plate and attach to the VSM-G3 ball. The J Stem is optional for repositioning to your liking.
This completes the installation of your Pro.Fit VSM-G3.


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