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2010 Chevrolet Camaro V8 Axle-Back Systems Instructions

February 13th, 2011 · No Comments

6210SR5 (with street/race mufflers) and 6210D5 (muffler delete system) ( installs with either stock H-pipe or Bassani Power-X crossover)
Note: these systems can be installed with either the factory mid-pipe assembly or a Bassani Power-X crossover pipe for this application. Please see the instructions included with the Bassani Power-X crossover to explain installation with that component.
Installation instructions with factory mid-pipe assembly:
1.) Raise and support vehicle on a two or four post automotive lift.
2.) Lubricate all factory rubber exhaust hangers with penetrating oil to aid removal.
3.) Remove four retaining bolts and cross-tunnel brace from center of car.
4.) Loosen sleeve type exhaust clamps on converter pipe outlets.
5.) Employ a helper to support inlet end of H-pipe at converter connection.
6.) Pull rubber hangers from rods on factory mufflers; disengage front end of H-pipe from the sleeve clamps and remove entire exhaust system from vehicle.
7.) Using a reciprocating saw or other suitable tool, cut the mufflers from the factory exhaust pipes just before the tooling creases in the pipes, as indicated by the marks in the photos on the next page.
8.) Discard or store the stock muffler assemblies.
9.) De-bur the ends of the cut pipes with a half-round file or other suitable tool.
10.) Install stock H-pipe assembly back into the sleeve type clamps and then install the cross-tunnel bracket.
11.) Place one supplied band clamp over inlet of left or right side axle-back assembly and install onto appropriate side of H-pipe; push factory rubber hangers over and onto rods attached to axle-back assembly.
12.) Repeat to install the remaining axle-back assembly on the other side of vehicle.
13.) Employ your helper again to slightly push up on the system to remove any “sag” in the connections while you tighten all the clamps from front to rear. Pre-loading the system this way will ensure adequate clearance between the cross-tunnel brace and H-pipe is maintained after installation.
14.) Start vehicle and check for leaks.


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