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2011 Audi A6 Allroad Pricing and Specification Guide

May 1st, 2011 · No Comments

This guide has been designed to help you tailor and price your Audi A6 allroad quickly and logically. At the back, you will find information on CO2 emissions-based vehicle excise duty and the other services offered by Audi, including Finance and Insurance. Alternatively, you can go to and configure your Audi A6 allroad online.
The Audi A6 allroad It’s all in the name. The Audi A6 allroad is fit for all terrains – rugged or flat, town or country – thanks partly to the extraordinary road-holding of quattro® permanent all-wheel-drive. In the same way that our hands adjust to whatever we’re holding, quattro® continuously adapts to suit the terrain. So it maintains the car’s traction and stability, keeping you in control on the road – and, of course, off it.
The Audi A6 allroad comes with a comprehensive range of equipment as standard, including Milano leather upholstery, Bluetooth, adaptive air suspension and cruise control. There’s also a wide selection of optional features, such as HDD Satellite Navigation, BOSE® sound system and the Rear Seat Entertainment Package, all of which you can choose when you place your order.
At Audi, doing less is something we’re trying to do more of. We’re working to use less fuel, release less CO2 and waste less energy. It’s why we’ve incorporated a number of more efficient technologies into the Audi A6 allroad.
When a vehicle brakes, the discs convert the kinetic energy into thermal energy, which is wasted as it cannot be used. With a recuperation system, like the one in the Audi A6 allroad, the kinetic energy is converted into useful electrical energy. The way it works is simple. While the car is coasting or braking, the alternator voltage is raised above the level of the basic electrical system, which enables the alternator to generate electrical energy and store it temporarily in the battery. When the vehicle accelerates, this energy is used to relieve the load on the alternator, resulting in a fuel saving of up to 3%.
TDI® and FSI®
Inside the engine of the Audi A6 allroad you’ll find the same advanced fuel-injection technology that’s driven us to win after win at Le Mans. With TDI® and FSI®, fuel is injected directly into the engine’s chambers so that combustion is timed right down to the millisecond. As a result, waste is minimised and you get the most from every last drop of fuel.


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