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600-Series Hydraulic Release Bearing Installation Instructions

September 29th, 2010 · No Comments

Tilton’s two-piece 600-Series Hydraulic Release Bearings consist of a hydraulic assembly and a base assembly that replace the original input shaft front bearing retainer. This assembly eliminates the stock mechanical release bearing linkage and slave cylinder. The Tilton Hydraulic Release Bearing is ideal for racing, high performance and kit car applications. Our release bearing components are machined from billet aluminum that provides strength while remaining lightweight. The release bearing mounts on the transmission face and is fully adjustable for proper free-play. Hydraulic assemblies come complete with hydraulic lines and fittings.
How It Works
The hydraulic release bearing assembly is self-adjusting in that the bearing stays close to the clutch spring at all times, even though the spring changes position with clutch wear. There is no extra return spring that pulls the piston back all the way to the bottomed position. In this respect, the piston in the hydraulic bearing assembly works like the piston in a disc brake caliper, returning only as far as forced. This is why with a Tilton Hydraulic Release Bearing assembly the clutch pedal feel does not change with clutch wear allowing the driver to make more consistent shifts.
Installation Notes
• Refer to Diagram 1 and Tables 1 & 2 and verify that the correct hydraulic assembly and base assembly have been chosen.
• A pedal stop must be installed on the clutch pedal to prevent over-stroking the hydraulic release bearing.
• Remove the original equipment (OE) base assembly from the front of the transmission.
• It is important that the distance from the back of the clutch housing to the clutch fingers/levers be sufficient for proper installation. Refer to Table 2 for the adjustment range of the hydraulic assemblies.
• If the bearing piston is not fully retracted, you will need to fully compress the piston before taking any measurements.
• An extra long hydraulic line has been provided in the kit that can be cut to the specific length required for both the supply and bleed lines.


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