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68-70 Dodge Charger Subframe Connectors 4010 Installation

December 8th, 2010 · No Comments

Please read the following key points before installing this kit.
1 – Before performing the subframe connector installation, the vehicle must be completely assembled with all body and component parts installed (e.g. fenders, hood, quarterpanels, trunk, full interior, engine, glass, etc.). Basically, the subframe connectors should be one of the last components installed on your vehicle. Reason being is you want the vehicle settled with all of it’s own final weight. The car’s body is always in constant tension, with forces pushing or pulling within the chassis & body. You want to make sure these forces don’t change after you install the subframe connectors. For example, if you installed subframe connectors before installing the engine and body panels this may result in having misaligned fenders, door panels and/or hood later on. The car must be in it’s final state before the subframe connectors are installed.
2 – The subframe connectors must be installed on an alignment rack or floor ramps (all 4 wheels). The vehicle must be sitting on it’s wheels at ride height in order to install the subframe connectors. Do not use a two-post lift, as this will load the chassis/body in the wrong points causing the chassis to tweak.
Subframe Connectors: Your new subframe connectors will increase the overall rigidity of your chassis and improve handling and response. These engineered components connect the rear frame rails with the front subframe to simulate a complete full frame chassis.
1. Raise Vehicle
It is best to install the subframe connectors at ride height. To do this properly, please use a 4-Post lift or alignment rack. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2. Prepare Subframe Pieces for Welding
Subframe pieces come fully powder coated so you will want to first prep them for the welding process. Sand the ends that do not have the bolt connectors (front side).


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