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83 Chevrolet Citation Ignition Teardown

July 19th, 2010 · No Comments

This time we will teardown a column to make keys for a 1983 Chevy Citation. It is a standard style non-tilt that you find on a lot of the older economy type cars made from the late ‘70s to the ‘90s. Tools needed: ¼ inch socket set, Phillips #2 Screwdriver, 2 small flat screwdrivers (or 2 probes or combination of), snap-ring pliers, steering wheel puller, column compressor, 3/8 socket set with (varies from 7/8-1” standard or 19-22mm sockets), L shaped multi-tool. On this Vehicle it used a BWD 1428 or equivalent with the bolt slot. Code Card (HPC 1200) C25 6 spaces and 5 depths. Lets get started. Disconnect the Battery!
Standard Column – missing keys ☺ “I can do that!” Let’s assume they may not have the factory original ignition in place, look in ®Fast Facts or ®Auto smart or other manuals to check the keyway style, if the ignition has been changed the information will assist in letting you know ahead of disassembly, that you would be better off replacing the Ignition Cylinder because the code may not be on the cylinder. Code series A, B, V, W. Key blank – Ignition P1098A if changed out could be on any of the common keys “A”, “C”, “E”, or “J”. Glove box has locking cylinder and matches the Door & Trunk. Code Series C, D, X, Y. Key-blank should be S1098B if changed could be on “B”, “D”, “H”, or “K”. We will describe making the key later in this article. Remove horn pad by taking out the 2 bolts/screws see arrows. You may need a short driver depending on steering wheel alignment. These were on a 8mm hex head bolt style so I used a ¼ inch socket on a driver handle to remove.


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