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94–06 Dodge Cummins Diesel 5.9L Water/Methanol Injection System Installation

December 12th, 2009 · No Comments

Installation Mechanical
Step 1 Tank Install
Mount tank as high in engine compartment as possible using #8×1―” sheet metal screws and washers provided.
Optional: If windshield washer reservoir is utilized, mount quick-connect bulkhead in the bottom using “Goop” sealant or similar methanol resistant adhesive/sealant.
The following procedure will allow the use of a nut on both sides of bulkhead fitting for windshield washer reservoir:
1. Drill ―” size hole in bottom of reservoir.
2. Attach tubing to threaded end of fitting.
3. Pull tubing through the reservoir fill opening.
4. Slide the nut on the tubing.
5. While pulling on the tube, thread the nut on the fitting after applying sealant.

You can mount the tank in the rear of the vehicle. The pump is a push pump by design so it needs to be mounted as close to the reservoir as possible. Because the pump is oversized, injection pressure will not be affected.

Step 2 Pump Install
To avoid pump housing damage, it is not necessary to turn the 3/8th adaptor fittings all the way in. NPT threads are tapered and with sealant (“Goop” household sealant/adhesive recommended), will usually seal with approx. ― turn past hand tight. CAUTION: to over torque the fittings will result in a cracked housing.
Mount pump so it is positioned at the same level or lower than tank.
Pump can be mounted horizontally or vertically using (4) supplied #8×1―” screws and washers.
In cramped engine bays, inside the fender is often a good alternative. -Measure from reservoir-to- pump inlet (the pump has an arrow indicating flow direction between inlet and outlet ports) and cut ž”OD red nylon tube to length allowing 1” extra for fittings. Insure no kinks are in the nylon tube. Push tubing into quick-connect fittings 1/4-1/2”. Mount the check valve between the reservoir and pump inlet. The check valve is marked with an arrow to show flow direction.

Step 3 Nozzle(s) Selection
Nozzle sizing is a function of flywheel horsepower (FWHP), which approximates the engines airflow, and boost, which approximates intake charge heat.


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