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94-01 Dodge Ram 1500 Models: 7005 & 7005TK With Manual Stock Mirrors Instructions

November 26th, 2009 · No Comments

Do not attempt to manually extend or retract the mirrors. They should be moved under their motor power only!
Tools required for the installation are: 10mm deep socket, a 10mm open end wrench, trim panel remover, Philips screwdriver, razor knife, and torque inch pound wrench. For model 7005TK, a volt meter will be necessary. If you have any questions after reading this installation manual.

1. Have both windows in the down position. Remove the trim panel on both doors, start by removing two philips screws. One is located in the hand hold and the other is in the\ corner in front of the window. (note – there are two trim panel clips below the window).
2. Remove the foam insulation covering the stock mirror mounting nuts.
3. Support the stock mirror while removing the 3 mirror mount nuts and then remove the stock mirrors.

1. Place the provided foam gaskets against the body mount. Punch out the holes stamped in the gasket to run the bolts and wiring through. The gasket should be evenly spaced on the mount. There must be adequate foam around the front and bottom edges to prevent the mount from making direct contact with the painted door.
2. While supporting the mirror, align the body mount and foam gasket with the mirror lines on the vehicle door. There will be a hole in the mirror mount area on the vehicle door to run the mirror wire through.
3. A mount support plate for the left and right side is provided (note: each support plate is marked with a “L” and “R), position of mount is shown on diagram B, page 4. While holding the mirror assembly up to the mirror mounting area on the door, insert the studs and bolt. Using a 10mm socket, the bolt with the washers provided, goes into the top position – through the mount plate and into the mirror mount. In addition, two studs, two nuts and washers will be used for each door.

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