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97-02 Ford F-150 Regular Cab Vehicle Specific Subwoofer Enclosure Instructions

March 16th, 2010 · No Comments

MOUNTING LOCATION: The enclosure mounts behind the seat of a regular cab truck.
INSTALLATION: Follow the steps below
1. Move seat and seat back all the way forward. You do not need to remove the seat.
2. If truck is equipped with a rear tool tray, this tray must be removed to mount enclosure. Remove rubber caps to expose (3) 7/32” bolts, remove nuts. Pull up on tool tray, it will release effortlessly. Save these parts to replace later if you sell or trade the vehicle.
3. Place Thunderform in vehicle with the woofers firing forward into the back of seat (do not mount yet). level before distortion. Turn the gain knob on the Thunderform pre-amp clockwise until the speaker starts to distort and reduce gain to loudest listening level before distortion.
Optional-The EBC, or Electronic Bass Control, allows a remote bass control to be adjusted from the driver’s seat.

Setting Crossover
You should set the crossover to your own personal listening taste. The crossover is adjustable to any frequency between 50Hz (counter clock- wise) to 150Hz (clockwise). As a guideline, the goal is to create the illusion of bass up front. The higher the crossover point the more “audibly visible” your sub is going to be. Take your time and really listen to your system, grab a soda and a few of your favorite tunes and have fun.
Check all connections at battery and that fuse is installed
Check speaker wire connections
Check ground
Check fuse on pre-amp
21. Reinstall kick panel on driver side. Replace threshold trim panels.
22. Using the screws provided, install the enclosure into vehicle as below
4. If externally amplified make speaker connections to the enclosure from the amplifier: loosen terminal knobs (a 13-mm nut driver can be used). Connect speaker wires from amplifier to enclosure, positive to red terminal knob and negative to black terminal knob. Refer to Step 22 for mounting directions.
Routing Power Wire; we recommend a connection directly to the battery.
5. Remove drivers side door threshold trim, pull up slowly but firmly from one side and work your way over, it will unsnap easily.
6. Using furnished wiring harness route 10ga red power wire starting at pre-amp location. Route power wire on drivers side under threshold removed in Step 5.
7. Remove driver’s side kick panel, by pulling outwards to unsnap. Route the 10ga red power wire under carpet and over to the grommet in the fire wall, just behind brake pedal.
8. Open hood; locate the factory grommet on the fire wall on the driver’s side, just left and under the brake master cylinder. It will be a black grommet about two inches in diameter. This pulls out very easily. Cut a small “X” in the center of the grommet to accept the 10ga red power wire.


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