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Aston Martin Wheels in New Technology

July 25th, 2009 · No Comments

Identifying a need to enhance the manufacturing process with IT, Aston Martin, a prestige sports car manufacturer turned to the expertise of Datalogic Mobile UK’s Quality Partner, Ensign. Aston Martin specifically needed a mobile computer solution for its Gaydon facility in Warwickshire, England, where the Aston Martin DB9 is produced. A Cisco based wireless LAN infrastructure was installed at this facility. During this initial period of activity, Ensign began discussions with Aston Martin as to suitable hand-held terminal hardware for use at Gaydon, on the production line.

As an existing user of a competitor product, the brief was to procure a similar product of the same form factor, although of a more modern technology, that would integrate seamlessly with the wireless LAN installations at both Gaydon and Aston Martin’s other site at Newport Pagnell, where another car model is produced.

Datalogic Mobile’s Viper-NET™ terminal was proposed as the most appropriate solution for this application – the integrated end-to-end manufacturing floor. This mobile computer is an extremely robust device with an IP65 rating, it has the largest display size of any similar device and with a Cisco wireless client card was easily able to meet Aston Martin’s specifications for inter-operability and security.

Akey success factor was the ability of the Datalogic Viper-NET™ to support, manage and provide security tools that were seen as vital in the ongoing delivery of a high availability, highly secure wireless data capture solution.

The total integration service offered by Ensign also included an upgrade path for the existing competitor product, migrating from an Aironet wireless client card to the latest Cisco client, ensuring compatibility with the security tools and management tools being implemented across all of the locations.

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